How we can help you
Food Needs
Ensure the essentials and daily necessities reach those who are far from you. Ensuring your loved ones get daily essentials required to make delicacies. Ensure there’s food on your loved one’s tables by procuring the ingredients for them
Shelter Needs
Take care of the ones who are displaced and give them a home. Send your loved ones reassurance of a roof above their head via us. Give someone the gift of a home during this turbulent time
Cloth Needs
Protect individuals who don’t have clothes to wear. Safeguard individuals’ basic necessities by giving them clothes to wear. Provide clothes as a source of hygiene and safety

Hygiene Needs
Offer basic sanitation needs to encourage hygiene. Curb the spread of diseases by taking care of sanitation requirements
Medical Support
Allow access to medical facilities and trained doctors. Assemble medical facilities and staff to handle critical medical issues and problems. Boost medical resources and locations so those who need it, can access it
Personal Assistances
Help those who can’t help themselves. Creating an environment where asking for help is not taboo. Building a family, outside your own